Hotels Lombok fully booked

The upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays have caused 80 percent of all hotels on the island of Lombok, just east of the resort island of Bali, to report completely fully booked weeks. Bookings are made by Indonesians as well as foreigners. On the famous Gili Islands almost all hotels and homestays are fully booked already.

Based on information gathered in the area, there are now some 3.000 tourists on Gili Trawangan. A big part of them are Europeans but there is also a fair share of Jakartans, Surabayans and people from Sulawesi. Owners of hotels and homestays say that most rooms are fully booked until early in the new year from today on. It is even expected that the number of tourists will increase in the few days before New Year’s eve.

Because this high number of visitors, drastic measures are taken to give them all a place to sleep. The main office in the village is now partly in use as temporary shelter for those who are not able to get a room on the island. It is also possible for them to be transferred to nearby Gili Air or Gili Meno. Senggigi, the normally quiet tourist village along the western coast, sees similar crowds flocking to the area.


South Lombok

Paradise on earth! That’s how the surf dudes name this unique spot on earth. Not only because of the mighty waves but also it’s nature. And of course the easy way of live of the locals who always welcome the tourists with a smile!

New resort East Lombok

Thu, 12/10/2009 12:55 PM | The Archipelago

LOMBOK: The East Lombok administration will relocate around 450 residents of Gili Sunut island to make way for a planned tourism resort

by a Singapore-based investment company.

The administration spokesperson Sujono said Wednesday residents who did not have any official land ownership would be moved to Teranjah-Anjah, Pemongkong village about 10 kilometers from the island.

“We expect they will still be able to go to sea since the would-be new location is not too far from beach.”

He added that the investor from PT Blue Ocean would construct new houses and public facilities, such as a public health center and an elementary school, for the residents.

The 7.5-hectare island has lured the investors with its white sands and natural views, he said. – JP

Tete Batu

Tete Batu. Gelegen in centraal lombok, aan de voet van Mount Rinjani. We zijn er afgelopen zomer geweest omdat het zo’n prachtige omgeving is. Heerlijk een paar uur wandelen tussen de rijst en tabak velden en door de kleine dorpjes met haar vriendelijke bevolking.

Een aanrader voor iedereen en een locatie die niet mag ontbreken op het To Do lijstje voor Lombok!