Lombok gets tourism award

Lombok Barat gets tourism award as favorite destination

Monday, December 27, 2010 15:54 WIB | Economic & Business | | Viewed 172 time(s)
Lombok Barat, NTB (ANTARA News) – Lombok Barat district in West Nusa Teggara (NTB) province received a tourism award from the Culture and Tourism Ministry for having been a favorite destination in Indonesia in 2010.

“West Nusa Tenggara governor and I got the award from Culture and Tourism Ministry two weeks ago in Jakarta,” Lombok Barat district head Zaini Arony said in Giri Menang on Monday.

After receiving the participants of a comparative study from West Sumatra`s Pariaman city who wanted to study about tourism in Lombok Barat, Zaini Arnoy said the award was the second of its kind when it got the first one in 2009.

He said Lombok Barat district received the similar award in 2009 for the category of the best tourism destination in Indonesia.

But he admitted that the two awards became a magnificent challenge and motivation for the district to keep improving its tourism sector in the years to come.

The award, according to him, was not only a national scale but international as well because the assessment was gathered from all domestic and foreign tourists who have visited various tourism objects in Lombok Barat district.

With those two awards, Zaini said Lombok Barat district government would continue to improve the tourism sectors in the area to attract even more tourists.

“It is for that reason that the local government at present is revitalizing Senggigi resort at Batu Layar village to make it a tourism icon in West Nusa Tenggara province,” he said.(*)

Source: Antara News

Indonesia earns place BRIC countries

Investors and market analysts have growing doubts about Russia’s place in the line of BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China. Many feel that Indonesia deserves this place more, or should be added to the list. Russian politics is unreliable, disturbing demographic trends and the corruption is all over the place.

Indonesia has chosen a prudent financial policy against economic growth (6% in 2010 according to the IMF) and has strong political and social structures. The twice elected President Susilo Bambang Yudyoyono is investing in schools and healthcare and the country has enough capital to keep it from danger.

Some figures illustrate the differences: the Indonesian stock market performed in 2010 over 50% more than in 2009, compared to 7.4% for Russia. The growth of GDP is 5.8% and 2.7%. In Indonesia, 27% of the population younger than 15 years, against 14.8% in Russia. Furthermore, Indonesia has 60-plus and 8.8% Russia 17.8%.

Source: ProfNews