Booming Indonesia

The year 2010 is a new highlight for tourism to Indonesia. The lifting of EU ban on Indonesian airlines and a renewed offer of special destinations, attractions and events, as Dutch tourist you feel very welcome in Indonesia.

Historical ties

Netherlands and Indonesia have a long, historic relationship that dates from the 16th century. But in 2010, more than 1.6 million Dutch emotional ties with Indonesia through family relationships or because their parents or grandparents long lived on the Indonesian islands. Dutch tourists play an important role in tourism of Indonesia.

Most visited islands are: Java and Bali, but also Sumatra, Sulawesi, East and West Nusatenggara, Maluku and Papua are busy. The average tourist stays more than one months in Indonesia.

Investments in Indonesia

Indonesia is investing heavily in aviation infrastructure, facilities and infrastructure. In Makassar and Padang have built new airports and the airports of Manado and Surabaya are extended. There are also plans to increase capacity to satisfy sprung from the airport of Bali.

Lombok opens a new airport in 2010, (two times as large as the airport Bali). In South Lombok you it all, including the new mega-resort, with golf courses, hotels, recreation and shopping.

Sustainable Tourism

In addition to investment is also much attention for sustainable tourism and several new initiatives. Protection of nature, preservation of cultural practices and involvement of the local population are the major concerns.

More flights

Garuda Indonesia expected on June 1, 2010 its flights between Amsterdam and Jakarta to resume with brand new Airbus 330 -220 aircraft. This is the first Garuda back in Europe since 2004. Garuda, the Amsterdam-Jakarta-Dubai daily run. From including Jakarta and Bali, there are several domestic flights to other destinations with low cost and regular airlines. KLM launches new services simultaneously to Indonesia. Since December 8, 2009 they fly 3 times weekly Amsterdam-Singapore-Bali with Boeing 777-300 aircraft.

Tourism numbers

In 2008, Indonesia welcomed over 6.2 million international visitors. Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan and China are the five main tourist source countries. Netherlands accounts for 2.3% of the visitors. In 2008 traveled over 140,000 Dutch to Indonesia, a growth of 31% over 2007. In the first six months of 2009 was an increase in the number of visitors from the Netherlands. In 2010 a further growth expected.

Source: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. Fotografie: Shutterstock.