Familie Volckaert relocated to Lombok

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FAMILY VOLCKAERT relocated to Indonesia
“On the run from stress and bustle”  Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Author: George Herpol

Jean-Paul Volckaert, wife and daughter Sorenza Nury (2.5) leave with a heavy heart Mowlee their dog (6) back home. © Koen Merens

GRIMBERGEN – You see it today, increasingly, people in our country and especially the stress of this escape to another life to build. The family of Jean-Paul Nury Volckaert and moved to Indonesia where they Strombeek of guest rooms to operate.

“We’re not just jump into the dreaded black hole,” says Jean-Paul Volckaert who leaves his family to Indonsië. ‘This final decision is over two years preparatory work preceded. I have always led an artist agency, and I’ve also been working in Indonesia. Nury my wife is from Indonesia. We know the region is so good. I also have hardwood furniture and geïmpoteerd Nury over there three years ago to know. It is an emotional decision that we took, but we really want the hectic life behind us, because I sometimes wonder else we really doing in Belgium. ”

“We’re going to Lombok, an island east of Bali, a guest house building,” continues Jean-Paul. “Currently we are there with three site supervisors and a total of ten people raising a building. We build a ‘Villa Bukit Atlas “, a villa with five exclusive rooms with ensuite, built to Western standards with panoramic views of neighboring island of Bali. We are also one of the first individuals on the island who will place solar panels for energy production. We also construct two pools and will also organize trips and sports. ”

Villa Bukit Atlas should be operational in December. “Then start the season in Indonesia also. We chose Lombok being an international airport being built, and so the island will attract more tourists. ”

Yet the move is not easy. “We’re some of our valuable furniture in our apartment at the St. Anne Avenue Strombeek bring in a container, but the rest we sell or give away to the circle we shop,” continued Jean-Paul. “We will unfortunately have to leave our dog Mowlee. Mowlee is six years and we want the animal to the long flight of 15uur save. Moreover, the animal also mandatory forty days in quarantine should stay in Jakarta. Dogs are so popular in Indonesia Nor. A dog is there an impure animal. My mother will be here with the best care Mowlee surround. ”

Who or what they will soon miss the most? “Of course my mother,” replied Jean-Paul. “But our dog Mowlee. Also a good sign or a solid stoemp Grimbergen, Leffe and I still think back but it then stops. Did you know that people in Indonesia still stand still for a chicken crossing the road? There are also driving taxis by horse and cart, and the atmosphere is totally different than here. The people living there are less hectic. That is what counts for me. ”

Info: http://www.villaatasbukitlombok.com/