Lombok Population


Lombok has over 2 million inhabitants. 80{73c3f12038ac8ffc68faa73467795b962c656c71fb4655564176b6dcb7acd9e9} of them are Islamic Sasak, Balinese Hindu is 10{73c3f12038ac8ffc68faa73467795b962c656c71fb4655564176b6dcb7acd9e9}, 5{73c3f12038ac8ffc68faa73467795b962c656c71fb4655564176b6dcb7acd9e9} Bodhas (Aboriginal) and 5{73c3f12038ac8ffc68faa73467795b962c656c71fb4655564176b6dcb7acd9e9} are Chinese and Arabs.

Probably the Sasak came from an ancient migration wave of the Malays. From West-India, Burma and Java they came to Lombok. They are darker and some of them wear long wavy hair. They live mainly in the more remote areas while the Balinese people live in the poorer cities.

Although, they still have some Islamic habbits of the Hindu-Balinese people. There is a kind of caste system among the Sasak, and the circumcision ceremony of a Hindu minds is more to be Islamic. The boys are considered to suffer pain for Allah.

The Sasak are well versed in the ikat weaving and rattan baskets weaving. Ikat handloom made wires which are pre-painted with special patterns. The pottery from Lombok consists mainly of large vases and jars.

The clothing of the men consists of a kain batik with ikat edge. The women wear black kain baju Lambung with a black and red scarf.


Besides Hinduism of the Lombok Balinese, it has two types of Muslims among the Sasak. The Waktu Telu and Waktu Lima.

30{73c3f12038ac8ffc68faa73467795b962c656c71fb4655564176b6dcb7acd9e9} of the Sasak people, are Waktu Telu, sometimes named three prayers . Telu means 3, and represents a trinity, Allah, Muhammad and Adam or Heaven, Earth and Water, or Body, Head and Limbs.

The Waktu Telu does’t have a Ramadan, but a period of 3 days fasting and praying. The pilgrimage to Mecca is not undertaken, it is the dead buried with the face to Mecca. The funeral is associated with the ancient rituals to the spirit guide to the underworld.

The Waktu Telu have no fixed times of prayer, one can as often and wherever they want prayer. Although Waktu Telu themselves as Muslims as such are not accepted by the Muslim world. Most live in the south central part of the small mountain villages, with traditional round thatched huts. Actually, this religion you better be described as traditional with a strong Islamic element.

The Waktu Lima, or five Islamic prayers. This group lives in the lowland and coastal. They are orthodox Muslims.

For both groups the Adat (the ancient customary law) just as important as religion. Sin against the adat can be punished by illness, madness, poverty or death.

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